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Swiss flower importer Matthias Haudenschild of agrotropic AG explains:
How do you stay afloat in a sea of discounters?
The Swiss are flower lovers and are always among the highest consumers per capita worldwide. In order to meet their constant appetite, the majority of the flowers are imported. Over the last decade, however, the consumption in terms of volume remained the same while that of CHF (Swiss Franc) decreased considerably. This development comes from the fact that flowers become more and more a product of the masses, boosted by the entry of price aggressive discounters into the market. This is explained by Matthias Haudenschild of agrotropic AG, a Swiss importer of flowers and cut foliage. So, how to stay ahead of this competition?

Swiss consumer
According to Haudenschild, understanding the needs of the Swiss consumer is essential and their close cooperation with supermarkets, wholesale clients and the subsidiary Blume 3000, a florist chain, enables them to understand these needs. "Swiss consumers value quality and expect a product that is grown sustainably. They are also trend oriented and love novelties", he says.

Rose no. 1
The most popular - volume wise, throughout the seasons, and as a single flower - is still the rose, explains Haudenschild. "Roses are both classy and with the never ending source of new varieties and colors also modern at any time." Seasonally tulips and garden flowers are the runner-up.

Besides knowing the needs of the end consumer, a close relation with the suppliers is as important. Agroptripic specialize in the import of flowers directly from the source. "Since the early days, the company has high standards in terms of ecological and social aspects of the trade. So the special thing about our products is that the buyer always knows the source of the product and can rely on that the related grower grows sustainably and his workers get a fair deal. Moreover, thanks to its subsidiary Tropiflora Sri Lanka (founded in 1981) and involvement in Tropiflora Kenya (founded in 1982), agrotropic has first-hand knowledge of local operations in the supplying countries."

In total, agrotropic maintains relationships with over 50 farms in 12 countries and 90% of the volumes the company trades is from FLO certified farms. 

Adding value
Next to the close and long term oriented partnerships between growers and buyers, agrotropic is putting more effort in adding value. "Firstly, we add value by selecting growers that emphasize quality which we verify by vase life testing, quality intake checks and cold chain monitoring. Secondly, our creativity team creates bespoke assortments by market and trend research, new product sampling and market trialing in our own florist chain blume 3000. On top of that, by vertical integration. We are growing our own products in two farms in Kenya (Tropiflora, Utee) and one in Sri Lanka (Tropiflora). Finally, we develop and monitor our grower portfolio, emphasizing on ecological and social sustainability."

Agroponic was founded in 1976 and has since played a pioneering role in a variety of areas. For example, in 1994 agrotropic was the first company in Switzerland to offer flowers in water, while in 2001 it launched Max-Havelaar roses together with leading Swiss supermarkets.

Future plans
The whole agrotropic and blume 3000 team consisting of more than 65 people moved in to a brand-new Minergy flower factory last year and in the future, they are eager to make the factory CO2 neutral. "Currently, in 9 months of the year, the warm water and central heating runs by waste heat from our cold stores. Only in the winter time we require some heat injection from the wood-chip heat plant nearby, which is fueled by renewable Swiss pine. Our 5 year plan is to outfit our shed roof with solar cells which will produce the electricity needed for our cold stores. This step will render our whole factory CO2 neutral."

For more information
agrotropic AG 
Matthias Haudenschild 
Email: matthias.haudenschild(a★)agrotropic.ch 

Publication date : 1/7/2019 
Author: Elita Vellekoop 
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2018年11月 台中花博のかすみ草。



 →台中花博 蜷川実花展

台中花博 Taichung World Flora Exposition




2018-11 オランダ花展示会













2018-11-5オランダ展示会IFTF ダンジガー


 → ダンジガーの展示


Danziger one stop shop at IFTF and Trade Fair exhibitions
The IFTF and the Aalsmeer trade fair have become a gathering place for international growers and buyers who are looking for the latest innovations and trends of the floriculture industry.

"Being a global breeder, these events are a great opportunity for us to meet our partners from around the world and introduce our wide assortment to new growers and international buyers who are visiting the exhibitions" says Anat Moshes, VP cut flowers sales.

During the exhibition, Danziger will display its wide and diverse assortment, which includes a vast number of crops and varieties.

The collection includes new introductions such as Paintball Jumbo – new variety of Craspedia with even a larger head size than the Paintball Pop variety, reaching 4.5 cm, a versatile product that can be used in its natural yellow color or a tinted option that upgrades any bouquet.

A brand new green filler Green Dragon - a unique Lepidium which not only adds color, but also volume to any arrangement.
Danziger presented last year its "families" of gyp, a division of its varieties by size and color of flowers. Million Collection, the small flower-type gyp, Xlence Collection led by the XL size flower Xlence and My Color Collection.

The Million Collection family has been upgraded with two varieties that were launched last year; Million Clouds and Million Stars II - small flowers with a fuller appearance, more weight and stronger stems, and has established its position in the market.

For the Aalsmeer Trade Fair, Danziger has chosen this year to show a sneak peek to their assortment. Their presentation of a flower shop lookalike will exhibit the whole collection positioning Danziger as a one stop shop for growers and buyers. Visitors of the trade fair will be able to see the whole assortment – from Gyp to Limonium to a colorful selection of Scoop Scabiosa, a unique long tail Sklyer Veronica, and many more products that are a part of any recipe for bouquets and arrangements." says Anat.

The IFTF exhibition & Aalsmeer trade fair will take place in the Netherlands, November 7-9, 2018.

The Danziger stand at the IFTF is # B4.22, and at the Trade Fair  # 15.3










2018-08-08 フェリペ・ゴメス Felipe Gomez 氏が来村


 5日後、8月8日に、南米のコロンビアから、セレクタ社のプロダクトマネージャーのフェリペ・ゴメス Felipe Gomez 氏が来村される。かすみ草の担当者が初来村される。来日後、北海道から福島県会津地域を訪問される。







 → セレクタ社の日本語のかすみ草のウェブサイト

  12~13ページ →  Selecta FloralNews Winter2015  Published on Jan 28, 2016  

Selecta FloralNews Winter2015  
Published on Jan 28, 2016  
フェリペ・ゴメス Felipe Gomez 氏による新品種紹介記事














 → フローラル・ダイアリー(オランダ)  



Selecta One at the IPM Hortiflorexpo Beijing
25 percent growth for Chinese cut flower market
"The Chinese cut flower market remained fairly stable over recent years, but in the last year alone it increased by 25%. Many vegetable growers were faced with decreasing prices and therefore have switched to carnations as they can offer them better rates. This, in turn, offers us a great opportunity", says Richard Buis, Area Manager at Selecta Cut Flowers. This breeding company is introducing itself in this growing market by attending the IPM HortiflorExpo and is showcasing their carefully selected varieties to their existing and potential Chinese growers as well as buyers.  

Chinese Carnation market
Before talking about the varieties that Selecta is showcasing at the HortiflorExpo, a bit more information about the Chinese carnation market. The majority of the carnations are produced in the main crop area Kunming (Yunnan province), a mountainous area in the south of China at an altitude of around 1,900 to 2,000 meters. The surface of carnation cultivation in China is estimated at 1,800 ha, of which 1,450 ha is in the Kunming area, explains Buis. 

Up to 85 percent of the carnation market consists of standard carnations and red is the most important color. "44 percent is red, followed by cherry (16%), bicolor (13%), pink (11%), green (7%) and purple (4%). White is not a key color as it is closely related to funerals." Spray carnations make up 15 percent of the total carnation market with pink as key color. 25 percent is pink, followed by red (15%), cherry or cherry/white (15%), yellow/red or cherry (10%) and other double colors (5%)."

Over the years, these varieties are more and more purchased from recognized companies. "Each year, the Chinese plant some 190 to 200 million plants, of which around 160 to 170 million are purchased from recognized companies. The rest are produced without any control over growers, but the figure of this ‘illegal’ production is getting lower thanks to the quality of cuttings from ‘legal’ production together with their contained prices. In the past, these figures were the complete opposite."

Selecta at the Hortiflorexpo Beijing
From May 10 till May 12, Selecta One is introducing carefully selected varieties to the growers at the IPM Hortiflorexpo Beijing (Hall W1 stand A61). "We are not only planning to earn market share by offering new carnation varieties, but we are also opening up new business opportunities and focusing our efforts in the introduction of more profitable and unexplored product lines", says Buis. "We have deeply analyzed the contexts of this growing markets and carefully selected the ideal varieties that fulfill the needs of the market", adds Jordi Caballeria, Selecta Cut Flowers General Manager. 

According to Buis, their Pearls collection (gypsophila) and Kiwi collection (Dianthus Barbatus) are new and unknown among the Chinese growers and are therefore put in the center of attention at their booth at the IPM

"The Gypsophila Ginga-way in the Pearls collection is our main highlight", says Caballeria. "It's rich inflorescence of fully round, pure white large, flowers concentrated as a multitude on the top creating a snow effect. "Ginga Way, is already known in many other markets for it's efficiency and proven superior vase life; showing resilience during shipping and making it a great option for tinting process."  

More than products alone
And Selecta One finds it important to go beyond offering a product. "We understand the importance of service and support. We are introducing ourselves in a growing market with know-how and different information that will enrich the whole process; bringing the best result possible", says Caballeria.

For more information

Selecta One

Jordi Caballeria general manager for Selecta cut flower with area managers Richard Buis, Shinya Ogata and Andre Lek.




 国際展開する花の種苗会社は、品種の無断増殖が中国政府により管理されるのであれば、アフリカ・中南米以外にフロンティアは無かったのだが、ここではじめて中国の花き生産企業向けに、新品種の販売ができる環境が整ったといえる。日本国内への浸透は難しく(既存国内種苗会社・代理店制度)、そうしたことへの代理店を通さないダイレクトセールスで2010年にセレクタ社が来日し、かすみ草の新規事業の拡大のための協議が大田花きにて行われたことは →昨日の本欄で書いた







Danziger displays its products together with Ecuadorian growers

'Creative collaborations are the best way to innovate in today’s global industry.' At the upcoming Hortiflorexpo China exhibition, Danziger will display its products together with several of its leading growers from Ecuador who are already active in the market; Eternal Flowers and Florisol. In addition, Danziger's Chinese partners will also be attending the expo; Brighten Floriculture Industry, Yunnan Yingmao Flower Industry, Beijing Florascape and Beijing Sunny Agro. 

"China is an intriguing market, with huge potential. The Chinese horticulture exhibitions have become a Must Attend event, as these offer the opportunity to meet the leading industry figures, and to introduce our varieties to the expo visitors." Says Micha Danziger, Chairman of the Board. 

Danziger will display its wide assortment of cut flowers grown around the world, among them XLENCE Gypsophila a large flower gyp - which best suits the Chinese market preference for a large, naturally white appearance, yet also good for tinting, with a colorful pallet loved by the Chinese consumers. Also on display, innovative products, such as Scabiosa SCOOP, which catches the attention at many events. Besides that, flowering garden pots, full of color and love – led by Petunia AMORE Queen of hearts are on display as well.  

“Being a global company means being responsive to different market demands, and this is exactly what we do. We thoughtfully introduce our products to the Chinese market, making sure they suit the local market demands," says Micha Danziger 

IPM Hortiflorexpo Beijing exhibition will take place from May 10th till May 12th, 2018. Danziger booth is located in Hall W3, stand A87. 

Publication date: 5/8/2018

■(コメント:菅家博昭) 5月12日まで北京で開催されている。イスラエルのダンジガー社は、中国でのかすみ草種苗販売には消極的であった(品種の無断増殖等、知的財産管理問題から)。しかし、今回、種苗・製品(エクアドル産)と、中国側の販売者と事業を展開していく様子が記事からはうかがえる。




2018-4-20 サンデラ博士の懸念

■新潟県 魚沼 → 花き組合創立70周年。昭和23年にはもう組合が出来ていた。「 宝物のような値段の種を買って栽培が始まった 」 

 → 夢つないで百年産地へ。『ユリで、思いを、伝えたい』


 大田花き 磯村信夫社長のコラムより(4月16日) → 現在の花の安値には三つの理由がある。全国レベルでは、閉店した花屋さん分の売場面積を、量販店の売場面積では補完出来ず、仏花素材を中心に、荷余りが多くなったことが一つ挙げられる。二つ目は、団塊ジュニアが消費の中心となる中、都心の一流花店が、新しくカジュアルブランドを作り、チェーン展開しているが、そこで使用される素材は、まだまだ供給量が足りない。すなわち、品目の需給のミスマッチが起こっている。三つ目は、一昨年の下半期から、生産地、輸入商、花束加工業者、大手業務店等が、卸・仲卸を抜いて直接取引をしたことだ。この結果、実需者に価格競争で売りに走り、市場価格が滅茶苦茶になることがあった

■2018年4月20日(金)午後3時過ぎ、京都の → 地球研(総合地球環境学研究所) の阿部健一先生(環境人類学、世界農業遺産委員)の運転で、嶋田さん、アメリカのアリゾナ州立大学のサンデル先生・アニック先生夫妻が来村、大岐まで来られた。 



 → 2016年12月15日、京都市内で初見

 → 2018年4月20日午後、昭和村来村

サンデル・ファン・デ・ル-(Sander E. van der Leeuw)教授と
奥様のアニック・クーダート(Anick Coudart)教授